11 x 11 Brass Armillary Nickel Finish

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11 x 11 Brass Armillary Nickel Finish

Measures 11" x 11.5" Brass Armillary with Nickel Finish.

Made from brass and coated in a nickel metal finish, giving it a polished look.

This item is intended for decoration purposes.

Armillary globes are skeletal spheres with an earth model in the center, and brass encircling bands representing the outer sphere of fixed stars. 
A masterpiece of design, this armillary can grace your nautical decor to enhance your interior. Its a classic art piece, designed and crafted by the dedicated artisans from metal, to ensure durability and strength. It requires no assembly.

Certainly a classic item to display for your indoor decoration, home office or corporate or library setting.