Hercules Garden Sundial Sphere Model

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Hercules Garden Sundial Sphere Model

Overall height is 28" x 32" long x 16" wide. 

Material is Brass and Iron.

17th Century reproduction Sundial weighs approximately 16 lbs. and represents antiquity and old age.

A masterpiece of design, this model can grace your table decor to enhance your interior. Its a classic art piece, designed and crafted by the dedicated artisans from metal, to ensure durability and strength. It requires no assembly, so ships as a pretty large package.
This sundial sphere is a very unique item to display, not only for outdoor, but also for your indoor decoration, home office or corporate setting.

This Hercules garden sundial is a beautiful item from a historical perspective, and certainly a conversation piece for guests of all ages.

A sundial is a clock used in ancient Egyptian astronomy and Babylonian astronomy.