Unique Fishing Floats on rope decoration

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nautical fishing float decoration

Off-white foam football shaped Fishing floats with alternating rare, smaller, 1/2 conical brown floats.

Original, used, fishing equipment; now serves as seaside decorating items. Floats are connected with rope.

Note: Only 1 available

Choose your custom length. There are approximately 1 foam float per each foot of rope.

Weathered Floats on a Rope


In this configuration, there are 3 feet of floats. you could retie and put space between floats if desired.

Total 1/2" diameter line is approximately 10 feet long.

Each football shaped float measures 6" x 3".

Each interval brown float measures 3" x 2.5".

Authentic group of foam fish buoy floats for coastal decorating.

Historically used on the water's surface to float nets in the northwest USA. These are the real deal and don't have any particular smell.