Ships Wheel Porthole Wall Clock

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Ships Wheel Porthole Wall Clock

Accent any nautical theme spaces with this solid brass porthole timepiece, set inside a very well built teak steering wheel. Beautiful satin finish preserves and accentuates the wood; not too shiny, just right.


Measures 18" across overall. Wheel is 1-5/8 inches thick solid wood with approximately 2 inch long handles. 

Solid brass porthole casing measures approximately 9 inches across. The white clock face is 5-1/2 inches diameter.

Circular wooden rim measures approximately 13-1/4" across. Overall depth working porthole hinged clamps is 3-1/2 inches deep at clasps.

Quartz battery operated clock and a red second hand. Runs on one AA battery (not included).

The front glass cover is thick and convex, making it easier to read from across a room. Porthole opens easily. Clock mechanism is accessed from behind to easily replace battery.

This would be a very nice gift for someone special. Mounts easily with metal hanger installed on back. Classic, well done, great value.

NOTE: Only 2 left at this reduced price.