9 Inch Brass Porthole Tide Clock

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Brass Porthole Tide Clock

High Quality Solid brass porthole style clock case.

Beveled glass with 6 inches pure white face, and 9" diameter porthole casing x 2-1/2" deep. Great for fishing, recreational forecasting, boating of all kinds, and for home or business.

Generally the tide runs 50 minutes late every 24 hours so this tide clock can indicate the average times of tides at that given location with decent accuracy for most planning.

Markings on face include High Tide, Half tide rising, Low Tide and Half Tide falling with an inner circle with markings of number of hours after high, before high, after and before low (blue markings).
Spruce up any nautical theme spaces with this classic reproduction timepiece. This quartz clock is new, solid, and heavy at 4 pounds actual weight. Large Numerals and red second hand. The front glass cover is solid glass. This polished brass piece would be a very distinguishing gift for someone's vessel, home den or study.