Bosun Whistle Boatswains Call

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Brass Copper Boatswains Call

Known by many names: bosun, bosuns, bosun's, boatswains call, bosun whistle, bosun's whistle, boatswains whistle!

Measures 4.5" long with 24" chain attached.

Copper stem with brass fittings. Guaranteed the best quality.

The Boatswain's Call, or Bosun's whistle, was once the only method other than the human voice of passing orders to men on board ship.
To man the sails, go aloft, or defend the ship in action, "All hands on deck" was one of the commands blown by Bosun's Mates on these whistle's, whose unique shapes, have been unchanged over five centuries.

It was first used on English ships in the thirteenth century, during the crusades, and became known as "The Call" in about 1670 when the Lord High Admiral of the Navy wore a gold whistle as a badge of rank. This was known as the "Whistle of Honour."

Includes history and instruction sheet with different calls. Fun Gift.