Bosun's Gig Lapstrake Boat Book Shelf - White

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Boat Book Shelf White Trim

This is the white trimmed version of the Captain’s "gig". Second photo shows black trimmed version so you can see the sides are the same natural brown wood color.

Measurements: Height: 73" x Beam width: 27" x Depth: 12"

Actual weight 28 lbs. Usually ships within 1 business day.

A real designer accent this beautiful coastal book shelving furniture is rich in design, very well built, and wonderfully utilitarian.

Gigs were very useful when in port or moored outside. Easy to lower overboard, needed minimum crew, and they could be quickly dispatched. Ours are not seaworthy but they most certainly look like the real thing, adding some flair and atmosphere to any room. In honey French finish with off white detail.

Sorry, this item is too large for International shipment.

Usually ships the next business day.