Lantern Base End Table S/M/L Wheel Top

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NDHTB-890E/SW-101 30"(D)
Lantern Base Side Table

Nautical Table extraordinaire. Total table height is approximately 16" tall.

Wheel Size Options:
Small: 18" Deluxe Wheel
Medium: 24" Deluxe Wheel
Large: 30" Deluxe Wheel
Note: These 'Deluxe' wheels have tighter joinery work, 10% thicker wood, more rounded edges, lighter tone finish, with extra varnish coats.

This table set could be used in many settings, but a favorite is one on either side of a sofa; a glow emanating from the lamp below to set some very nice mood lighting. Uses standard base light-bulbs.

Glass lens is a full 8" diameter across and 1/4" thick and has additional ribbing making the actual glass much thicker, much like many lighthouses have only on a smaller scale; so really puts out a nice light.

Table comes with electric lantern and a deluxe ship's wheel size of your preference. Electric cord is black and has a length of 5-1/2 feet with an in-line ON/OFF switch. Glass Top not included.

We also recommend having a 1/4" - 3/8" thick piece glass top cut, in your local area, or contact Pier 1 Imports for 1/4" thick, ogee edge, round glass table tops.

Packed very well and ships in two packages per table. A very unique, shipshape and warm nautical decor furniture piece.