Indoor Outdoor Porpoise Decorations

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Indoor Outdoor Porpoise Decorations

Appealing for myriad settings. Let your imagination take hold. Line them up along your deck railings, group in the bathroom, etc. 

Each one measures 4.5" tall x 8" long and 1/2" thick. Comes with enough double sided tape for hanging. Washable.

Actual weight 2.5 oz. 100% recycled.

Color is all the way through each item. Non–pourous final product makes it washable, extremely durable, and they also float! Kid’s especially love these, being drawn to the size, shapes and colors. Beachhouse wall art, made with solid, recycled plastic, so can be used indoors and out. 

Current photo shows 2 units and serves as a representation and color palette.

Sold and priced separately. Pick your favorite color(s) and perfect quantity. Each one is hand cut here in the USA, and unique. Great in nautical nurseries, restaurants, beach houses, pools and bars too.