Endeavor Enterprise 2-Set 21 x 15 Americas Cup Replica

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Enterprise Endeavor models

1934 America's Cup yachts Endeavor and Enterprise model yachts.

This meticulously crafted model has real cloth sails and cotton rigging.

Measures: 15" Long x 21" High.

Usually ships 3-4 in business days.

Endeavour and Enterprise were built for the 1934 America's Cup by Camper and Nicholson in Gosport, England. built for Thomas Sopwith who used his aviation design expertise to ensure the yachts were the most advanced of its day with steel hulls and masts. Length 130-foot (40 m) and won many races in their first season; failing in the America's Cup challenge against the American defender Rainbow but came closer to lifting the cup than others until Australia II succeeded in 1983.