Marco Polo Model Ship Replica

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Marco Polo Model Ship Replica

Marco Polo Model Ship, Famous Sailing Ship Replica.

Measures: 27" High x 30" Long x 5.5" Wide

Delightful Addition to Sea shore and Beach Decor Themes

The Marco Polo held the record of the fastest ship for 15 years, from 1852 to 1867. On a trip from Quebec on July 22, 1883 she sprang a leak north of Prince Edward Island. Her crew deliberately grounded her on a beach at Cavendish, Prince Edward Island and cut her masts cut down to prevent the wind from blowing her further onto the shore. They were able to preserve her until a strong gale came the following month. Today the wreck site is considered a National Historic Site.

This wooden Marco Polo model ship combines elegance with a classic presence that makes an ideal addition to family rooms and dens or to liven up offices / meeting rooms / special events. The exquisite details appeal to collectors and yachtsmen alike, and make great gifts. Beauty and grace combine in this sailing model to emanate elegance and a winning spirit.

Usually ships 3-4 in business days.