15" Adjustable Flange / Two Sided CHROME Portholes

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NDHBP-701 WD (C)-15"
Adjustable 15 Inch Porthole for Sale

15" Chromed over Cast Aluminum. Port Hole Window and Inner Channel Flange.
This style is particularly suitable as working windows in many structures, as you can have a finished look on both sides.

Opens from front side, with typical porthole latching hardware that is of high quality. The backside also made of solid same aged looking brass finish.

The frame and glass sustains outdoor rain and cold winter weather conditions.

Bonus: Also there is another glass on the backside. Both pieces of glass are removable (secured by screws) if you desired for customizing. For instance one customer removed the glass to use this porthole as a pet door.

As a retailer, we do not do installations nor supply the actual fasteners to mount.

Very well built and packaged to arrive safely.

Additional Specifications:

Weight: 11 lbs.

Overall Dia: 15 3/8"
Window Dia. (front and back): 9 3/8"
Depth (with dogs): 5 1/4"
Minimum Tunnel Depth: 1 7/8"
Tunnel Depth: Threaded hardware included for depth of 1 7/8" with fully finished channel flange.


Porthole can adjust to multiple sized walls and doors. Channel flange is welded to front portion of porthole and extends 1-7/8" towards back plate.

If you have a thinner wall, or door, 1) just shim one or both sides when installing or 2) cut and grind channel flange to shallower depth.

If you need the depth to be more than 1-7/8", just swap out the bolts (your local hardware store) for similar, longer ones. You may want to fashion a deeper channel to give a finished look.

Also comes complete with a nice thick gasket to keep weather out.