Wooden Floats

Looking for Vintage Style Handmade Wooden Lobster Buoys?

Discover authentic looking wood floats and wooden buoys for your maritime themed space from Nautical Decor Store. Originally, wooden floats and buoys were used for marking specific spots in the water where fisherman set fish, crab, and lobster traps. Each fisherman had their own colors to mark their traps or nets. These wooden buoys are no longer used for fishing as they foul the prop of the boats. But, they make great decorations to help you decorate your home or office room.

We have wood floats designed with both new and weathered looks, and some with vibrant colors, for your decorative preference. Rope lanyards come with all of our wood fishing buoys and floats for that authentic look. 

Shop our full selection of wooden buoys and wood floats in a variety of sizes and colors. There’s something here for every nautical themed room!