8" Nylon Nautical Bell Rope Key Lanyard

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8" Nylon Nautical Bell Rope Key Lanyard

 A decorative, and very functional, bell rope lanyard or long nautical key chain lanyard.

This Bell ringer is Made in the U.S.A., from durable braided nylon this bellrope will last for a long time. Comes with a solid brass shackle (not pictured).

Measurements: bell pull measures 8.5" long x 1" diameter (not including shackle).

Solid brass shackle also shipped with this product, to attach to your bell clapper to add the perfect finishing touch. 

Design details: Starts out with a chain of running hitches transitioning to a five strand fox and geese sennit, capped off with a wall knot. The transition is covered with a four strand turks head.