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nautical clock

It's no secret that the beach has a calming effect on your mind. The crash of the waves, the feel of the sand, and the perfect blue of the sky on a cloudless day are all enough to make anyone want to spend the rest of their life on a beach. While we can't all spend our lives at the sea, there are ways to make your home a little bit more beachy.

What better place to start than the bathroom? Only 1 out of every 5 Americans reports feeling happy with their home decor, and the bathroom can often be a drab place. If you long for the beach and the bright sunny days that come with it, here are three easy steps to turn your bathroom into a nautical paradise.

Blue Walls

Blue evokes feelings of the ocean and the blue summer sky, so what better way to bring some of the sea into your home? There's a shade of blue for everyone, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind when choosing a color. First, going too light could evoke feelings of winter. In contrast, going too dark could make the room seem too small. Choosing a cool-toned blue that's lighter than navy is a good place to start, especially if your bathroom lacks windows. If you're not about all blue walls, consider adding blue accents to white or off-white walls. Blue floor tiles can also be an excellent nautical home decor addition.

Think Circular

When you think of a ship, the first image that comes to mind is probably the circular helm, or maybe the port windows. Case in point, round is usually a good indicator of nautical decor. Round mirrors with rope detail or even frames that mimic the helm are a great way to include those nautical themes. In addition, a nautical clock on the wall can be a wonderfully unique accessory.

Nautical Items

As previously mentioned, a nautical clock can be a great addition. If you have towel hooks you're not using, vintage life preservers or old wooden buoys can help tie the nautical theme together. Floor mats crafted from soft rope can also evoke a feeling of being out at sea.

Whether you're a sailor or a sunbather, these simple changes can make your bathroom, or any room in your home, a nautical dream come true.

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