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 What people are saying about our products, service, and communications.

Also helpful ideas and interesting projects.


The ship wheel and porthole arrived today and I absolutely love them! My nephew's print fits, and is highlighted perfectly by the porthole as 
you can see in the photo. 
Thanks for your input and work to find such a perfect complement to Nathan's artwork. My husband is making a wooden holder for the porthole similar to my father's barometer (right of sailboat), but for now it sits wonderfully in a plate stand.
I am beyond happy about these and how they look in our home. Your help and communication also made it a very enjoyable and successful process.
Thanks again
Karen (Cincinnati OH)



Thanks man! Bless you brother.

David (Kansas City, MO)



Hi Scott, Here’s a picture of the wire frame insect with nautical float body for my garden. Still deciding whether to paint it and, if so, what color. Thanks for your help with the shipping breakage issues. I appreciate it! Best regards, Karen (Camas. WA)



 2-inch-blue-and-white-napkin-rings-event.jpg 2-inch-blue-and-white-napkin-rings-event-2.jpg  

Hi Scott!

Wanted to reach out with a big thank you and some pictures from this mornings event. The napkin rings came on Saturday morning, rapid fire!! Thank you for getting those out so quick and answering my 5 am phone call!

Thank you,








Hi Scott. Floats with net just arrived. I love them!! Thank you. This addition really helps as we decorate our “beach” room

Best wishes for your business.
Laura -Clinton, WA








 brass-ships-wheel.jpgHi Scott,

Thank you again for all your efforts! The solid brass wheel arrived here in perfect condition and it was a pleasure to fit it in our 110 year old steel hulled salon boat 'Tourist'.

Meanwhile we are proudly navigating with it through the canals here in Amsterdam. I can tell you …, it looks fantastic, it suits the boat, the (hotel) guests on board are excited and … it manoeuvres beautifully!!

Keep course and speed! Keep well and all the best!

Onno B. (Netherlands)





     I received my order yesterday in perfect condition and am very pleased! 

     Thank you for your great customer service!

     Regards, Ron (Seattle, WA)







Love love love our figurehead so much! Thank you so very much!!! Keep well.

Best, Christine (Nantucket, MA)


 Special Project Portholes here ** Customer building commemorative sea chests for men and women serving our great country **

....."couple of pictures of the sea chests I make using your portholes. Thanks for everything! Respectfully, Billy

 brass-porthole-sea-chests-3a.jpg     brass-porthole-sea-chests-4a.jpg     brass-porthole-sea-chests-2a.jpg

Transom Eagle (top right in photo) Live and Let Live: "Thanks, Scott!! Have fun at the wedding!!" Nancy (Vermont)




Hi Scott,

Please see picture of completed project using:

-3” Solid Brass Wall Ship Bell Clapper (NDS-Clapper3)
-Marlinspike Braided Bellropes Brass Shackle

The 4” bell was recycled from a school yard handbell which had a broken off handle and missing clapper. I built a wood table stand out of scrape wood and 1” wood dowels.

We used the bell for the first time this last Saturday, at the Troop 1 Eagle Scout Court of Honor. It was a hit. Each new Eagle Scout was allowed to ring the bell to announce that they have completed their Eagle Trail. This from now on will be a tradition for all new Eagles.

Thank you again for your quick service and quality replacement parts.


Gary, Scoutmaster Troop 1


Thank you for returning my call last week. I appreciate it more than you know.
Hoping to order more of the fish nets. Have been looking for years (and hours last week) for one for a friend. Love the 10 x 10.
Had one from my aunt many many many years ago that I hung on the wall for all my children's stuff. Couldn't live without it.
Outgrew the refrigerator door !!!
Hope you have a nice day.  (H.A. Lafayette, NJ)


Hi Scott.

Feel free to use the photo. This is the 42" wheel made into a table with legs screwed on and a glass top. It's very heavy but also leaves the room open rather than having a huge coffee table "lump" in the way. Not everyone's taste.

The legs I got off eBay because all my woodworking gear is in storage. Otherwise I would’ve turned them on my lathe.

I used screw-in fasteners available @ Lowe’s or Home Depot in the hardware drawers. There are two kinds; one is longer and made of “pot metal” that screws into the proper size drilled hole with a hex key, and there is a shorter milled brass one that screws into the hole with a flat-blade screwdriver.

I used the longer ones but three of them split while installing causing much frustration and another trip to Lowe’s.

These screw-in anchors also come in different sizes...the legs had 1/4” dia screws, medium thread. Most furniture leg screw hardware seems to be geared for 5/16” these days.

Thanks again!

   coffee-table-wheel-02-x205.jpg    ship-wheel-table-fasteners-205.jpg     coffee-table-wheel205.jpg












Picture of bell so far. Looks great. I am still looking for a proper hanger for clapper and bell itself.

Thanks for all of your help.









Hi Scott,

I received my life preserver ring. It is great I’m very happy with it. Thanks. It’s the perfect tribute to a “mad sailor” mate. Thanks again mate.

Ioannis (Western Australia)




Hi Scott.
I received the Octopus last night. It's awesome as the Eagle.
Thank you.
Doug (San Antonio, TX)Octopus-Wall-Art





Hi Scott…got the porthole mirrors and they are fantastic……got your note as well and just want to thank you for your great service. My project looks great…..i have a home office and have done a redesign going all nautical……you have great items and it looks great…….thanks again and have a good day…….


Thank you very much everything arrived it was in perfect condition I really appreciate it and I will be using your site to order more items

Russell (Michigan)

Got it!!
(New Jersey)
 22" Welcome Onboard Life Ring Buoys

                                                                 Perfect!!  Michael (Plano, TX)
Hi Scott! I finally finished my shelf today. It took me forever to actually sit down and do it, but like no time once I started. I'm making a bracelet with that little rope you sent that smells good, I'll show you when I finish.  How have you been? The rope and
shackles were perfect!  (Andy New York)
Thank you again for the phone call and personal touch.
It is so nice doing business with you!
Christina (LaPorte, TX)
A very creative couple outdoor-seagulls-thm.jpgrecently made this wonderful plaque for a gift,
purchasing Nautical Decor Stores' outdoor seagull set (left).
and beach combing a wide array of colorful stones, wood and rope.

"Where our loved ones live, there are no street numbers on the houses so they name them instead. Since that is where they had there first kiss, when they bought a house the name 'First Kiss' was given as their street number."
I got the anchor. thank you so much! Haley (Alpha Sigma Tau)
 Seagull 3/set Sea Gull Soaring Birds Wall Plaques
my employer was very pleased with the seagulls....thank you......shipment arrived yesterday.....will keep you in mind for further gifts, Scott.
Amy (Ashland, OH)
Medium Decorative Crab Trap
Thank you for replacing the crab. I received it intact. You are a man of your word. You service what you sell. That my friend almost guarantees your success in this business. Take it from a retired Banker after 40Plus years in the banking business. Jim (Acworth, GA)
shari-lr13rp-thmb.jpgHi Scott,
The baby shower for my niece was a huge success, and everyone thought the decorations were GREAT! I feel the centerpieces made the impact at each of the tables, and those of course included the lifesavers shipped expediently by you. Thank you again for responding so efficiently even while your website was in the process of being redone. I've enclosed a couple of pictures showing how I used them, and my niece took two of them to keep for her boys room. I'll will definitely look to you and website for any nautical needs I may have just for your customer care alone.
Thank you again, Shari (Santa Clara, CA)
Sent from my iPad
Nautical Knot Canvas display knotboard
Dear Scott,
Your calling me about my order is/was the highest level of good business and I WAS impressed. I will also tell all I know that if they ever need any type of nautical decor or supplies YOUR BUSINESS IS TOP OF THE LINE AND THE ONE TO ORDER FROM! Thank you for being so propmpt!
I expect my order to arrive Monday ((9) or Tuesday (10) and have complete faith that it will be in perfect order.
Scott you are an ACE in business and if I find myself needing any nautical stuff I will email you directly.
Thanks again.
A grateful gal in Paducah! Pam
Hi Scott
Many thanks for the excellent Service regarding this order.  Am in the process of opening my first Fish & Chip Shop here in Singapore and you can imagine all the stress involved. 
I'm happy to say you've managed to relieve some of that stress and have provided truly wonderful service here.
Wishing you a wonderful day ahead!
David (Singapore)



 hi Scott,

Just wanted to say "thanks again" for getting the shipment out to me sooooo quickly. They have arrived safely and look great. I can't believe how fast they got here.
All the best,
-pat (Glendale, CA)




Hi Scott,

I wanted you to see how my project turned out using the fishing net! We had a nautical baby shower. So happy!


The letters are wood. I purchased them at Michaels crafts and painted them. All turned out great.


Thank you for your help!

Lori (Boca Raton)






snhcotton7-thm.jpg g'day scott

Just a quick note to let you know the gimbaled oil lamp and the bell rope were delivered safe and sound down under today thank you.


i am also delighted with them both and look forward to mounting them in my catalina 34 yacht in the next couple of days

Thought you might like the feed back highly recommended

warm regards leon (melbourne Australia)





What I did was

buy 1/2 inch diameter lag screws and painted the heads gold. Large bolts and screws are not manufactured anymore, is what I gathered by calling various sources. Looks good though. The helmet is still the main focus of the office entrance. Although some people want to put the diving helmet on.

Thanks for your help.

Gary (DeKalb, IL)



Good morning Scott,

Thought you might like to see where one of your brackets ended up. Wooden base is Olive Tree wood, sanded as smooth as an egg and then varnished.

The upright wood is Kapur. It is extremely hard, very heavy and never cracks.

A bientot, Harry (Marignane, France)





brass-oval-cage-lamp-ndhbl861.jpgThanks for the update. I'm a big fan of communication! Best, Tom (Redding, CT)


On Nov 24, 2014, at 7:18 PM, Nautical Decor Store wrote: Hi Tom, We just made a mistake on our end processing your order. We marked it shipped, when in fact it won’t ship until tomorrow, with tracking. Just wanted to let you know to eliminate any confusion. Cheers, Scott

5 x 4 Weathered Purseine Floats on a RopeI just wanted to thank you for all of your help the other day, and especially for the follow up phone calls. No one seems to do that anymore and it was really appreciated.

I spend a lot of time on the computer and do order most of my supplies and materials on-line. I will be keeping you in mind

Thanks You Again! Lisa (Yucca, AZ)



Hi, I got my "presents' yesterday. I am not disappointed! The line rope you sent meWeathered Fishing Rope w/ Net Approx 10' Long: click to enlarge as a sample will work for my projects. The smaller diameter ropes in place of the original, will be kept as is for filler decorations. The Weathered Fishing Rope w/ Net Approx 10' Long (NDHMS237), is just what I wanted to complete my floats w/rope for my lattice work that hides my monster A/C.


Mermaid Net and Starfish Deck Design

9 Inch Beach Decorating Colored Starfish Set: click to enlarge

The 4 starfish are magnificent.


The fish net was worth the $50.00; so authentic. The Life Ring was a tad disappointing, but I can change out the vinyl straps with something else. I have ordered other "presents" from various stores.

Anchor Rope and Mermaid Nautical Design


In the future, I need to purchase 5 floats. I need to get back on your website and choose the floats just like the ones on the 6 x 4 White Weathered Fishing Floats on a Rope (NDNS-102014x1).  Can't wait to get home in the morning,

Jeanne (at a refinery in Louisiana).





18 Inch Mark V Deluxe U.S. NAVY Diving Helmet & Wood Display Base

Dear Scott,
Thank you for the update. I was a Navy Diver back in the late 80's and have always wanted this baby. I finally broke down and did it! Looking forward to getting it! I will be a good steward of this treasure, sir.
I can say when I was in, the Master/Senior Chiefs all trained and used the Mark V before us, and for us we used the Mk XII. But the Mark V is the symbol of reverence!
Thanks Scott and let me know if you need anything else from me!
Alan (Orlando, FL)




12 Inch Nautical Decoration Ship Wheel with Mounted Brass Bell

4.5 Inch Brass and Copper Boatswains Call Bosun's Whistle: click to enlarge

I just sent my order! I actually ordered five items for my newly remodeled patio/pool area. I probably found more than I need but it's really fun stuff for a fun area. Thank you so much for your responses, good customer service and I really appreciate that! ARGH! (I hear it's talk like a pirate day) LOL!! Have a great weekend! Regards, Tina (Delray, FL)



** Customer dyed white cotton 12 inch bellrope for 9/11 Memorial Bell 12 Inch Long Marlinspike White Cotton Ropework Bell Pulls



Just letting you know that the bell pull and stainless shackle worked out perfectly. Looks great dyed red. We used RIT dye and the instructions on their web page were great. Thanks for your help and quick delivery.

Thank you, ERIC (Greenville, WI)



6 Inch Small Wooden Ships Wheel

So I finally got around to using the boat wheel I ordered from you.


This is how I got the lamp originally. Cool idea but the wheel looked too big and looked a little weird. So that when I thought about your store and the nice little decorative wheels you have and then did this.


It's the perfect size and color/finish. Just turn the wheel to turn the light off or on.

Erik (Moline, IL)



SeaChest Handles Nautical Rope Handles H334

13 Inch Rope Sea Chest Handle with Brass Hardware: click to enlarge

Got the handles today...


They look great.

Terence (Wappingers Falls, NY)





 47 Inch Full Size Brass Engine Order Telegraph

Thank you Scott!

I am very impressed with both your high level-of-service and your product offerings. I will be a repeat customer.

Again, many thanks.

Peter (Albany, NY)




Excellent, Scott, that is good news! I really appreciate your responsiveness and considerate communications as well, and plan to do more business with you in the future. All my best, Scott E. (Golden Valley, MN)

3 x 5 to 4 x 6 Inch Abalone SeaShells on a Cobra Tripod Stand30 inch Steel or Aluminum Octopus Sculpture Art: click to enlarge  4 piece Glass Floats in Netting: click to enlarge10 Inch Glass Fish Ball Float w/Net : click to enlarge





Decorative Boat Wheel

So there is this town not far from me called LeClair Iowa (most famous for the show American Pickers, if you've seen the show, Mike, the main guy on the show, started his business Antique Archaeology from a shop in this town) and the town has lots of neat shops, restaurants and antique stores.

Well they also have a distillery. It's called "Mississippi River Distilling Company" because the town and distillery are right on the Mississippi River, and because of that they decided to have an old riverboat style theme to them.

Well I go out to LeClair a lot and have stopped by theDecorative Boat Wheel distillery numerous times, the have really good spirits and especially good whiskey. I'm a big fan of their Rye whiskey so I got a bottle. Once the bottle was empty I didn't want to just get rid of it and lately I've been making a hobby of turning different things into lamps. So I made the lamp. I felt that the lamp shade was kind of plain and could use something on it too.


So I thought I would find a little decorative boat wheel. The wheel puts a nice final touch to the lamp that I was looking for and it is the absolute perfect size.

Here are a couple pictures of the lamp and if you should want to keep them or use them to show other customers where or how some of your products are being used then be my guest. Erik (Moline, IL)



Hi Scott.

Great News!Large Washed Authentic Black Fish Net

I'm so glad I had the opportunity to speak with you and add this to the order prior to shipment.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today and arranging the fulfillment of this order.

All the Best to you and yours,

Gigi (Southern Pines, NC)


6 Piece Glass Fishing Floats on Rope


We loved this so much, I had to order another one.

Thank you, Stephanie (Monroe, NY)





I placed the order. I can’t thank you enough for being so responsive. Seriously, I know what website I will be going to for my husband’s next gift. And I will make sure my other “nautical” friends know as well. Mary (Tucson, AZ)

Unpainted Small Mermaid Ship Figurehead


Here is a custom paint job for the small mermaid.

The customer in Augusta, MI, purchased the unpainted one left, and her friend transformed it into a masterpiece!









Hi Scott

Here's the finished project with shells.

It was a pleasure doing business with you.

I will keep you in mind for anything else I may be needing in the future.

Merry Christmas

Best regards, Leslie (Ontario, Canada)





Coastal or Nautical Floral Centerpieces


Hi Scott -

First, I just want to tell you what a pleasant surprise your terrific 'post-sale' customer service has been.


Thank you so much for checking on our order, and then the detailed follow-up regarding the delivery.

I have bookmarked your site as I'm sure we'll be back into some more fundraisers come spring/summer next year!!


Regards, ~~Meg (Powell, OH)







Nautical 18 x 14 Canvas Knot Display   20    Fish Nets with Shells and Decorations
Thank you, Scott!

I was impressed with your quick and courteous customer service. I will definitely be a repeat customer and will recommend others to your online store. Again, thank you, for your prompt service. Wanda (Portsmouth, OH)



SS Minnow Life preserver customization



Hi Scott,

Here's the picture of the finished product. Turned out great! Thanks for your help!

Rebecca (Van Nuys, CA)





Love the life saver ring. I am using it under a small nautical theme wedding cake. Looks great! Thanks will use you a

again. (Cleveland, TN)

Nautical Solid Brass Anchor Key Rings Nautical Glasses or Cell Phone Case: click to enlarge


I received the items yesterday.
They will be great in the basket of gifts I'm making for my husband for our anniversary
Thank you. Marcia (Cicero, NY)


I was very impressed in the quality and care of packing you used for my order.
I ordered a 42 inch ship wheel and two brass port holes very good quality.
Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android (Key Largo, FL)




24 Inch Tall Nautical Lighthouse

HI, I know I was concerned about shipping but all delivered in good shape. Very nice quality. Will order again when I move to the next project. Yes include me in the e-mails. 

Steve (Bradenton,FL)





Nautical 18.5 x 12.5 Wooden Fisherman Ship's Anchor : click to enlarge  

I got the order yesterday. Perfect!
Thank you!!!! :) -Happy Customer. Louise (Portland, OR)



          Wooden Nautical Ship's Wood Wall Anchor 8 Inch     17 Inch Red & White Nautical Life Preservers Buoys - Plain Small Wooden Ships Wheel at 8 Inch

Hi Scott,

Just wanted to let you know that the order arrived yesterday evening. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Exactly what I wanted. And, the service was fantastic. I'm so relieved it is here.

Patty (Baton Rouge, LA)


20 Inch Nautical Welcome Aboard Life Ring Buoys Preservers Blue or Red : click to enlarge

Hi Scott

Thank you for you and your Teams great customer Service!

Thank you,

Bradford (Malvern, PA)


Hey Scott, just wanted to see if you are located in Wenatchee, Washington? I saw a parcel shipped yesterday from there and was curious as my husband was born and raised there! His family is there! Just coincidental, but thought this was so cool! Happy to send business your way! Thanks for the phone update yesterday, am happy to see people still doing business in such a personal way, keep up the great job!!!
New loyal customer,
Pam (Galveston, TX)


6 Inch Marlinspike NAVY BLUE Cotton Bell Ropes : click to enlarge

Dear Scott:
Thanks so much for the information & options! We should like to proceed with the 6" Navy one please...this should be fine for our bell I believe! Also the US Postal Priority option makes most sense please.
Thank you once again for the communication...most retailers I have dealt with would not have taken the trouble.
Sincerely, Tony (Hackettstown, NJ)


12 Inch Navy Blue Cotton Bellrope pulls


Thanks for the quick response and resolution. It's greatly appreciated.
Jeff (Reading, PA)
PS. Impressive customer service.



Looks great, like its seen a lot of open water in its day! Thanks for checking for me. Paul (Novato, CA)
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Boating Nautical Checkbook Cover

Thank you Scott.  I appreciate the superior customer service on this issue.  I will be back!

Marti (Reno, NV)


24 Inch Tall Nautical Lighthouse

Hi Scott, I received the lighthouse today and it is perfect. Thanks for working with me on getting it after we returned from our vacation - I really appreciate it.
Carol (The Villages, FL)




20 Inch Sailboat Lamp : click to enlarge Good Afternoon, 
29 Inch Tall Lighthouse Table Lamp: click to enlarge
I wanted to thank you very much for the quality products I ordered from you. I love the porthole barometer.

5 Inch - 9 Inch Nautical Brass Porthole German Made Barometers: click to enlarge

It looks really sharp. And the lamps are fantastic quality and an incredible look. I will have these for, quite possibly, the rest of my life and I couldn't be more thrilled. Thank you so much! 

Very Respectfully, Ensign James (New York, NY)


9.5 x 5.5 wide Brass School Teacher Wood Hand Bells: click to enlarge

Thank you for the update. I ordered these for my grandkids to ring when the cruise ships go out of Port Everglades here in Ft. Lauderdale. They will have a blast. Of course, it will remind me of being called back in to school!!

Cheryl (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)


Hi Scott, I am attaching a photo of the finished pirate ship we set in California. You can see your ships wheel being held by the captain "Davey Bones". Thanks again for your quick and professional manner in our business deal. I will contact you soon with another order. Talk soon, DAVE VAN-T.







24 Inch x 16 Whitewashed Wooden Anchor

You're a sweetheart thanks! No it wasn't done by UPS because the crack was definitely put back together,....and the box was fine. My daughter LOVES the anchor so I'm glad we can get it replaced. But maybe you should show the photo to the manufacturer that sent it to YOU!
Again, I appreciate your wonderful customer service and have a great New Year! Is there anyplace that I can leave great feedback for you and your company?

-Randi (Manalapan, NJ)



Large Nautical Canvas Signal Flag Knotboard 33.5 x 27


I want to thank you for your prompt shipping, and honesty on  the phone after speaking to you. The knot canvas arrived in tack and very fast. I will not hesitate to order from you again and will recommend you to my friends. The picture on line does it no justice but in your hands it looks great!!!
               Sincerely and Very Merry
                       Christmas and New Year
                              Lois (Kasilof, Alaska)


Small Mermaid Ship Figurehead

Hi Scott,
Just got the email after speaking with you. Again, I can't thank you enough for all of your help! I will look for the confirmation email.
Merry Christmas, Jenn (Lindenhurst, NY)



24 Inch Nautical Wooden White Ship Wheel

I received the ship wheel today and... I LOVE IT- IT'S PERFECT!
Thank you for providing such friendly and responsive customer service- it restored my faith that it actually still exists.
Warmest regards, Glynis (Manassas, VA)

14 Inch Nautical Life Preservers Buoys - Plain

 You have been so easy to deal with. Thank you. Rose (Titusville, FL)



22 Inch Wood Ship's Wheel w Anchor Centerpiece


Got it today....we love it!!!!! Thanks again!

(Andrew Bayside, NY)


Dear Scott,
Thank you....the bell is in FL...attached is a photo of my friend's baby with her bell that she sent along. Thank you for all you did to get this to her and for your continued prayers.
Ali (Clermont, FL)

Hi Scott,

Received my order today. I was impressed with the items AND the careful packaging!!!

I am doing a half bath in a nautical theme and had no success in my city trying to find some of the items I was looking for. I began searching online only to be disappointed each time I located something because I felt the pricing was unreasonable. I did not want to invest a lot of money in something I may   14 Inch Nautical Life Preservers Buoys - Plain     10 Set 1-1/8 Inch Long Wood Fishing Floats on a Rope      decide to change in a few months, me being a female ;), however I didn't want the decor to look cheap either! I was thrilled when I came across your website. Not only did you have ALL the specific items I needed, you had a vast selection of merchandise, very reasonably priced. I found the descriptions of your items to be informative and as for my items, accurate!Seaside Ocean Sea Gulls in Flight Coastal Wall Plaques  Seaside Sea Gulls in Flight Coastal Wall Plaques

I will definitely go to your site first when I have decorating needs in the future. I guess I can say with confidence that I would recommend your store since I immediately snapped some pics and sent to friends! And without a doubt, if I ever redo my bathroom, I will find a new spot in my home for the Seagulls. Love them!!! Sincerely, Debra (Hanahan, SC)


Small Solid Brass Bellrope Shackle Scott-Shackles in hand today. I appreciate the way you do business and will continue in the future. I didn't count that which you sent me so the " insurance...just in case" tells me more than a little about character. Thanks so much. VR Bob USN (Ret)

Nautical Compact Zipper Top Side Pack

10 Inch Insulated Nautical Lunch Cooler Tote Bag


Dear Scott, I received my order and love both purchases. I really am thinking of the boat shelf. Thank you and have a nice day. Kathleen (Sunbury, PA)




thank you, Scott..I feel like I know are an asset to your made this g'mother feel special, and I appreciate you (tell your boss to give you a're very helpful and personable)...thanks so much....Libby

(St. Simons Island, GA)

       11.75 Inch Wood & Brass CREW'S QUARTERS Plaque Sign    6 Inch Wood & Brass HEAD Door Plaque  13.5 Inch Wood & Brass CAPTAIN'S QUARTERS Plaque Sign    8 Inch Wood & Brass GALLEY Plaque Sign



The map arrived today and looks great, thank you! Can you tell me where you get the maps, or how old they are? I'd like to know so I can tell people when I show them my cool wall hanging! Suzanne (Auburn, WA)


Fancy Anchor Brass Door Knocker w/ Lacquer


Just wanted to say THANKS for the door knocker we purchased. We are VERY pleased with it and the quality... not to mention the price! Thanks again.

Jill (Blaine WA)



Small Solid Brass Bellrope Shackle Solid Brass Shackles 1 Inch x 1 Inch  Hi Scott,
I recieved the brass shackles. They are exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for outstanding customer service and fast shipment. I will most likely be ordering more of these as well as other items in the store in the future.
-Angelo from Golfield, NV

Nautical Decor 53 Inch Boat Shelf and Dresser

Thank you so much, Scott! I really appreciate your update, my daughter is very excited about her new dresser!!

Dana (Drums, PA)
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24 Inch Nautical Wooden White Ship Wheel

Wooden Nautical Ship's Wood Wall Anchor 8


Thanks Scott. The ships wheel is absolutely perfect for my nursery. Can't wait to have both anchors as well to put next to it.
Valerie (Indiana)
Sent from my iPhone

Wood anchor with rope

6' x 9' Decorative Cotton Fish Net



 Hi! Thank you so much! I really appreciate your awesome customer service!
Thank you, Patricia (Cibolo, TX)



Fishing buoys and netting decoration

15 Inch Nautical Heavy Wood Pirate Ship Boat Ships Wheel

Thank you so much.. If all works out well i will definitly be recomending this site...   Neil

(Dracut, MA)



22 Inch Tall Nautical Wood Red Lighthouse with Working Light


I just received the light house.

Thank you so much! We absolutely love all the pieces we ordered!


(Laredo, TX)


Hi, just placed an order. Amazing website! Excellent selection of very attractive and decorative, quality pieces, and well organized into thoughtful categories. Made it both easy and fun for us to shop.
Pending a successful delivery of our first order, I expect we'll be back....with friends too!

All the best and keep it up!

Rob V.
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(Ontario, Canada)


Assortment Propeller, Ships Wheel, Anchor

I received it today. Awesome customer service. Thank you!!!  Sent from Grant's iPhone



   Hello, Just to let you know that I received my purchase  

   yesterday and I’m extremely happy!!

   Thank you for the great product & service!

   Wishing you the best in the New Year 2012!

  Sylvie (Ottawa)


Nautical Canvas Signal Flag Knotboard 30 x 23 Inch


Scott, Just got the other knot canvas and it is perfect. Thank you so much for your help in solving this dilemma. Nice to run into a good honest businessman in these day and times. Thank You, Ted


Japanese Glass Floats with Stamped Marks
Hello Scott, just a quick note to say thank you very much for my glass fishing balls. They arrived safe here in Australia last friday the 25th. Looking forward to buying further gifts from Nautical Decore Store. many thanks Naadein



2, 3, 4 and 5 Inch Japanese Glass Fishing Balls

Hi!  My order arrived promptly and safely and the fishing balls are perfect!  The funny rubber protective cases for the larger ones are really interesting too, thanks so much!  CG (Spartanburg, SC)


School Bells Handle Bells Finish Bells

I got it and it has a great sound!!!!!!
Edward (Winchester, VA)




Just a quick note to let you know that I received my order this morning. I can't begin to tell you how very happy we are with our merchandise, and the amazingly quick shipping.....even to Canada!! Thank you so much, consider us a loyal customer now. Kind Regards, Randi (Ontario, CAN)


8 - 21 Inch Brass Ships Porthole Glass Windows

Hi there, I just wanted to pass on my Thanks for both your service and the porthole itself. It arrived ahead of expectation and I was impressed with the standard of the product. Outstanding stuff and I appreciate your service. Look forward to doing business with you in the future. Kind Regards, Bob (Australia).



16 Inch Cargo Lantern with Wooden Base and Rope Trim

Dear Scott,

Thanks so much for the Nautical 16" lamp lantern with base. It is such a great conversation piece. I live on the eastern shore where there are Nautical 16plenty of nautical stores, and everyone that sees the lamp ask me where I got it. The pictures do not do this lamp justice. I also would like to thank you for the careful way this was packaged. If anyone thinks your shipping charge is unreasonable than they have never seen the way your items are packaged. Scott, you are first class all the way !!!

Teresa   (Lewes, DE)


Thought you might like to see what we did with the lifebelt we bought from you .... we used it as a guest book for my daughter's wedding on board a cruise ship. It was perfect.

thank you



Good morning,

I really appreciate your help in getting this out so we will have it by Friday morning. It is a gift for a function we are having on Friday, and considering how difficult it was to find and how we only had a short window to get it delivered, you have really gone beyond expectations. I thank you, and will always consider your company when purchasing this type of item.

Thanks again!


Scott, The Bell I ordered from you came today. 4 Inch Wide Brass School Teacher's Hand BellIt is perfect! Just what I wanted. My son's teacher is going to love it. Thanks Again, Elizabeth


16x9x9 Decorative Crab Trap We received the crab trap that I had ordered from your store. I have to say, the trap far exceeded my expectations! It will be a wonderful functional decoration for an upcoming “beach” wedding. It will be the receptacle for the Wedding cards. It was definitely a pleasure to deal with your company, I had e-mailed a question and it was answered immediately, and the trap came packaged very securely, and we are thrilled with the quality. We will share with friends your store and great service!


Mary Ann


Brass alidade theodolite


Thanks Scott. I appreciate your help and how you kept in touch with me on this stuff. You don't see that every day.





Thanks again for the great ships wheel. As we discussed yesterday I was able to find the perfect solution for hanging. D Ring Hanger ideas for mounting Ship WheelI Picture Hangers used to mount ships wheel used two D-Ring Hangers on the back of the wheel and then just used two 30 lb. picture hangers. The best part is that it's easy to install and the mounts don't show!

Thanks, Greg



 Excellently and painstakingly packed. Everything exceeded all our expectations. Scott and Erin, had awesome ideas in helping us make our room a reality.

Thanks guys! Louis



Hi Scott,
Irish toasting bellEverything arrived in great shape. This is our new "Irish toasting bell" (see attached to phone booth).

First you ring the bell to get everyone's attention (that part works fine, tested it myself, woke up my wife) then you read or make up a toast. Not exactly on the front of a yacht but the bell will go to good work.

Thanks again for the fast service and excellent quality!

Take care, Happy St. Patrick's Day,


David S.

Cass, in Humble TX, sent these great pictures showing what can be done with a spare solid stainless prop as inspiration and a little imagination!

Customer Created Prop Table Customer Created Prop Table Customer Created Prop TableCustomer Created Prop Table


Minnesota state championship


Wayzata and Minnetonka are suburbs west of Minneapolis. They are separated by two Lake Minnetonka bays, Wayzata and Gray's. We have pretty complete records of football games back to 1952, and one game in 1947 when Minnetonka was known as Excelsior. Last year, we played for the Minnesota state championship in the highest class. The trophy has room for 45 future game results.

Thank you for going out of your way to ship the bell so we could have the trophy in time for the September 1 game.




Hi Scott

Customer Created BinnacleSome shots of the binnacle dad made to house the wheel (solid oak). He is just fine-tuning the tapered plug that will support the wheel and allow it to be turned.Customer Created Binnacle
The marina building is open now but they are having a mini grand opening in the fall once fishing is done, for the fishermen.

Phil - Canada




Thanks again for the great customer service and helping out a member of the U.S. Armed Forces stationed here in Germany - all the best to you and your family - enjoy your 4th of July weekend!




The fenders work great at the dock, and even when we had to get towed in side by side by a new speedboat. Since this is a full displacement hull, the front fenders are pretty well soaked after cruising around, so I just hang them up for a few days until they dry out. They still look and perform as when new. They're much more than just an ornament for me. Can't wait to get back in the water, but that usually is around May in our location. Dale






I just received the "Engine Order Telegraph" I ordered from you last week. It is gift for my son who has just been promoted to Lieutenant in the Coast Guard. I would like to tell you how pleased I am with the item and its quality.

Thank You,

You guys are the best! I just purchased the one I wanted and paid you via paypal. You completely made my day!
Thank you so much,

Gail (NJ)


markvhotrod3-299x.jpgHey Scott, sorry it took awhile to get back to you, I'm active duty
military and had to deploy for a little while. But, we finally got the
plans all set for the helmets. And here it is. Turned out WAY better than I expected! the helmets on the engine blew everybody away! thanks again. And if you put it on your site, please let me know too, i want to keep a record of where she gets posted. talk to you soon! Russell Deep Sea!



Thank you Russell, for your service to our country, and sharing your creative Mark V helmet project with us! Scott




Love the quality of the product. I had to ask several questions on my first order (of three total) and the response was quick and very helpful. I was very happy and would order from them again!


This customer made a pretty cool working remote control boat with one of our wheels and telegraphs.
Wow! I always admire this sort of stuff.

Remote Control Setup  Remote Control SetupRemote Control Setup 











Hi Scott,
Attached are some underwater photos of me using the helmet. I had to make quite a few modifications, but because the helmet parts were so close to real, it was not too difficult. Mostly just took time and a lot of lathe work. The major modifications I made were the following:

-Made the exhaust valve functional.
-Added whip, air inlet valve, and check valve to air inlet.
-Cast lead ballast (to hold helmet down) on front and back. Safety plate glass for all windows.
-Soldered all windows to helmet.
-Made helmet retaining latch functional.
-Remade three helmet retaining bolts (brass/headless).
-Larger diameter and longer face plate retaining bolt and pin.
-Replaced attachment lugs on front with functional ones.
-Drilled out spitcock valve and made functional.
-Made brass reinforced shoulder straps to support added ballast weight.

The exhaust valve does not work exactly as it would with the helmet sealed to a diving suit, but not having the helmet attached makes the whole thing a lot safer. Basically if anything were to go wrong, you can simply take the helmet off and surface. The ballast is designed to keep the weight of the helmet under water and filled with air negative, so it stays on your shoulders. It is basically the same as the 1970's Aquabell helmets, if you have ever seen these.
Anyway, I had a lot of fun doing this and now the helmet is not just an ornament, but a functional shallow water diving device. I decided to let it tarnish as it looks more used this way.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Thanks again,
W Stone


Hey Scott,
We will be re-doing the website at in September after we move in. We want to put a "links" section at the bottom where people can go to order the soaps we have, linens and such. We would be happy to put a link to your website there because I just know these little guys are going to make a big hit. I'll keep an eye on your site and see if there's something that would go nicely in the library. I want to do that as sort of a "gentleman's" room. Thanks SO've added your touch to our little space.



Hi Scott :
Thanks for taking care of business so well. It is a pleasure to do business with pro's that care. Thanks again and we will look forward to future business again.

Happy Sales, Ron n Carol




I received my barometer in reasonable time and in perfect condition. The quality of the instrument was better than expected - heavy brass! I recommend the vendor without reservation.

Two buys from you guys!!! Each better than the other.
Would recommend you to any and all.
Thanks for the Prompt & courteous service.


Mark V Diving Helmet

18" Mark V U.S. Navy Divers Helmet
Just know that I am very elated with the helmet and my husband was in shock and loves it!
Wishing you a prosperous new year!

Sincerely, Mary



9" Brass On Wood Ship's Porthole Clock

Excellent Service, the item was well packed and arrived sound and safe. Like it soo much that everyone is fighting over who is going to get it their rooms..



9 Inch Nautical Port/Starboard Oil Lantern
Scott --
Thanks so much! That was really fast. Wish I would have done all my Christmas shopping through you!

Thanks Again!


This will be a present for a good friend who graduated from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in June. He was the top sailor in his class. I thought it was a nice idea, but you all made it even bigger! Thanks a ton and a "dong-dong" for you two.

Best regards,

Just received the clocks. They look great! We are a company that installs interactive TV on cruise ships for Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Costa, and soon to be Princess. Since we have teams sometimes in different parts of the world this will help show each time zone they are in.



Scott, We were so thrilled when we found your 11" tall bell on stand for our barrel train. My husband mounted it on the engine (lawn mower) and we would like to order some smaller bells for each of the barrels behind. Jean / Illinois

Lawn Mower Train engine sporting 28161 belltrain with 2

Dear Scott,

I am sending some train pictures! The handbells worked too! We used eyebolts and carriage bolts to attach them. The grandchildren had great fun! You can watch it in action: "Norman and his train" http://www.kenthawthorne.comThanks for your help! Jean

Fabulous telescope. Thanks for making my first purchase so easy!
For your information the clock is going to be placed in the passenger saloon of a 1931 great lakes steamship. S.S. City of Milwaukee. If you are ever in Michigan come to Manistee and take a tour of the ship.


Have really enjoyed the items that I have purchased from you in the past. (6)
My Bar is looking great!

Thanks, Sandy

Nautical Brass Ship's Porthole Clock-Arabic

We meet again. This is Dave, you have another clock I like. I'm sure you've sent the first by know. The clocks are nice and the prices are good. I'm retired Navy "weather" and enjoy the nautical touch.

Best, Dave (Navyblue)


Nautical Cargo Lamp Lantern w/ Base

Hi Scott,
I received my purchases from you yesterday and I just have to tell you how much I love the lantern! It's even nicer than the picture. It's absolutely gorgeous! I am very happy with all my purchases from you, not to mention your quick shipping, but I absolutely love the lantern.



Good Morning.

I received the 12 clocks yesterday, and only had the chance to open one clock to inspect it. I'm very impressed with the item as they will be gifts to the Officers and Board of Directors to be presented at the Opening Night Dinner in May. I am also equally satisfied with your customer service. Thank you so much for an easy transaction.

Welcome Life Ring Preserver Nautical Clock 12 Inch  Frame

Diane/Savin Hill Yacht Club



We received the clock on the 22nd as promised. It was a Christmas present for our son. he is an attorney & handles Maritime cases. We were very pleased with the item & he also was delighted. Thank you for your prompt service & quality item.

Bob/ Lafayette, LA


Nautical Brass & Copper Diving Helmet Clock