Half human in form, she has a long graceful fin instead of legs. Mermaids are very playful; fond of young dolphins, whales, and sea turtles. Spending many hours together, they seek adventure, and journey to new places beneath the sea.  Dating back to the earliest texts, mermaids have made a presence in sea life.  Ensure you have mermaid home décor present to complete your nautical sea theme.   

Mermaids have beautiful singing voices and love to fascinate the mermen. It is said that if ever a mortal human hears the mermaids singing they will eternally be drawn back to the sea. They will forever search to find the enchantress and her song again. They have captivated us for centuries; beautiful, shameless, seductive, and irresistible goddesses of ageless beauty. They are fertility symbols, forbidden lovers, the immaculate of feminine wile and wisdom.  Capture that feeling with your very own mermaid decoration.  Get a cast iron mermaid today!