Old Vintage Nautical Charts World Maps

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Old Vintage Nautical Charts World Maps

Authentic, and original used World War 2 & Korea Era Worldwide Flat charts. Various Sizes & Locations. Our Choice.

Adorn your walls, start your nautical decor, make a background for nets and shell stuff, with a piece of history that was on every vessel: the navigational chart.

Also makes excellent gift wrapping paper too. Some people even make envelopes from them.

We stock an assortment of worldwide charts mostly from WWII including The Mediterranean, Italy, England, Africa, and more in the Charts & Maps category.

Rustic Faded Slightly Worn Looking Old Charts; most measure 40" x 27-1/2", but some are smaller 28" x 20-1/2" and some are other irregular measurements like 45" x 21". etc. Some may have markings or notes the Captain / Navigator made.