Vintage Look Cedar Wood Waikiki Surfboard

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Vintage Look Cedar Wood Waikiki Surfboard

Only a few craftsmen now have the skills needed to build a classic wooden surfboard. Long enough to ride the waves off Waikiki or Malibu. Just short enough to casually lean into a corner of your living room, study, or den… Boards are made of laminated strips of selected light woods. Three fins are included for improved stability.

This vintage wooden surfboard makes a stylish statement on the waves and displays beautifully in any decor!


  • Beautiful cedar wood and fiberglass surfboard with high-gloss shine
  • Classic vintage board that serves as décor and will still ride the waves
  • Just perfect for the wall or corner of a beach cabin
  • Natural Colors

Dimensions:  76.8" H x 19.7" W x 7.1" D

Weight: 12.35

The overall shape and design of this board is timeless. The lack of a leash plug gives this board a vintage look and feel. The value is in duplicating this shape and style for the cost would not be possible. This is art!

A handy person could slice this lengthwise and have two separate book shelves to mount in separate rooms or facilities serves holding books shells and pictures from your beach adventures.

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