Cut To Order Black Small Weave Fish Net

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Decorative Fish Net For Sale

Looking for Decorative Fishing Net to start your beach decor project?

Decorative Fish Net For Sale.


   The Width side of this fish net has finished edges, and is 12 feet wide hanging relaxed. That same 12 feet can be stretched to over 18 feet wide if desired on your project. Lots of net here.

   The Length side is virtually unlimited in length.

Sold by the Foot: You choose how long you want that side and we'll cut it to your desired length.

So if you add 10 to cart, you are adding one 10 Foot Long x 12 foot Wide section of net, (10 x 12 foot net) of 120 square feet.

Having the option to choose your size is perfect for larger size decorating projects.

Doesn't usually have any tears in it.


Small mesh net for beach decor decorating.

A lighter weight thickness and tight patterned herring fish netting. Small 1/2 inch square net pattern.

Tough, authentic fish net for filling in, backdrops, or covering over seaside props.

Super authentic looking because its the real thing.