Canoe Book Shelf

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Canoe Book Shelf

Dimensions: Overall H: 90" x W: 31" x D: 20.5", Middle Shelf: Depth: 11" W: 23.5".

We truly do offer some beautiful items! To house precious mementos, books, photographs, whatever you desire, this canoe bookshelf is crafted in a fine woodwork way delivering a work of art and utility.

Rich, hand chosen red cedar strips give this bookshelf a unique and vibrant look. Rare purple heart wood from South America affords the perfect accent to really make this piece stand out.

As this is finished with the same fiberglass resin as on our water crafts, this canoe bookshelf appears smooth, glossy and luxurious.

Inspired by history, the names of our watercraft are derived from the northern waterways where natives and settlers have used them for centuries. Merging centuries-old customs with improvements in technology, we bring you boats that excel in every category. This one takes on that wonderful tall bow design for breaking waves on large lakes.

Beginning with pliable, high quality Canadian cedar, our craftsmen hand join each individual strip. Hundreds of hours go into the construction of these boats, as perfection is the only option. Once built, the piece is encapsulated in fiberglass epoxy resin adding an extra layer of durability and strength. At last, the water craft is ready for its nautical debut.

Crated for secure shipment.

A real designer accent this beautiful coastal book shelving furniture is rich in design.

Would add a distinctive flair to any room, and shelves turn them into fun displays and bookcases.

Sorry, this item is too large for International shipment. And is only shipped within the contiguous 48 United States.

Usually ships in 2-5 business days.