14" Copper Anchor Lamps 110V Fresnel Lens

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NDHCL817-14 (Elec)
Electric Ships Lamp with Heavy Fresnel Lens

Anchor lights have a 360-degree light radius and must be visible from 2-3 miles. This exceptionally heavy built beauty is made in copper with solid brass hardware, heavy ribbed Fresnel glass, and fine details.
Traditional anchor lamps use this same Fresnel lens; to maximize light output. Bails on top and bottom prevent swinging in the wind outdoors, but they look equally elegant at home sitting on a table.

14" H. Anchor lamp only
16" H. Including top brass bail.
21" H. Including bottom and top brass bail.
Actual Weight: 6.5 lbs
Solid brass Plate reads: 'Anchor'

Runs on standard 110VAC electricity with bulb included.

Use on-board, home, or anywhere outside, under cover for nautical lighting. Also available in oil.

NOTE: Not Coast Guard–approved to mark a boat at anchor.