9" Adjustable Two Sided Brass Porthole Deluxe Class

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9" Adjustable Two Sided Brass Porthole

This is a deluxe class item made of heavier solid brass, glass and higher degree of polish than many other similar looking portholes.
This style is particularly suitable as working windows in many structures.

Actually opens from front side with typical porthole latching hardware that is also of higher quality than normal. Back side solid brass.

Porthole Measurements
9" in diameter overall outside diameter
Glass is 4-7/8" diameter and
When port is open the opening is 8" diameter
Tunnel Depth: Threaded hardware included for a depth of 1.5". If you need the depth to be more than that, you just need to swap out the bolts for similar longer ones from your local hardware store. However, in that case you may also want to fashion a deeper channeling to give a finished look!

Has a nice thick gasket to keep weather out. The frame and glass sustains outdoor rain and cold winter weather conditions.

As a retailer, we do not do installations. The item being sold is the porthole window, front and back, and the welded flange as pictured with hardware bolts. The manufacturer does not supply wall fasteners for deeper installations than 1.5" thick material.
Very well built and packaged to arrive safely.