18" Solid Brass Boat Ships Wheel

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NDSW104 18"
Edinburgh Ship Wheel

Heavy, Polished, Solid Brass Captains Wheel. Ready to mount on board the vessel or on your favorite wall.

Classic solid brass steering wheel. Beautiful teak handles are untreated, and wear well in salt environment; just like decks of old.

Measurements: peg to peg on this gorgeous wheels is 18 inches. Brass circular frame is tubular and 3/4" thick.
Solid brass center hub with woodruff keyway. Shaft opening on 18" size is 3/4 inch diameter and 1" deep.

Brass cap covers your shaft nut, and is fastened with 3 screws shown.

Engraved wording reads: "Rosebank Ironworks ~ Edinburgh ~ Brown Bros. & Co. Ltd." Engraved plated is thick and removable as desired. Gorgeous piece. Great value.