36" Nautical Wood Ship Wheels

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36" Nautical Wood Ship Wheels

Authentic looking 36" Diameter Antique Ships Wheel. Handles are sturdy and detachable for shipping.

A full 36" across end of one peg to the other and 2 inches thick. Outside diameter of circular frame is 23 5/8" and inside diameter of same is 20 3/4" for those using as a table top. Also the brass hub has 1/4" clearance for any glass top you want to lay atop.

Attractive for any nautical prop or display. This one has detachable handle pegs so shipping is still reasonable and is for decorative purposes only.

Made from solid hardwood, brass fastenings, a 1.5" thick brass center hub, wood plugs, and a matte varathane finish. This would make a nice nautical prop in any bar, office, or family room. Ready to display.