40" Leather Over Brass Nautical Floor Telescope

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40" Leather Over Brass Nautical Floor Telescope

After dinner, enjoying a chilled Chardonnay, nothing is more relaxing than observing birds and wildlife or neighbors with a tripod mounted telescope.

For a modern yet elegant decor addition, consider this beautiful centerpiece.

Featuring a brass barrel finished in rich leather and mounted on an adjustable rosewood tripod with brass fittings. Beautiful detail and depth.

Magnifies 20X. Weighs 13.85 lbs. and this old-world telescope barrel measures 39.5" long.

Stand has adjustable extension legs and solid brass fittings that bring it to 61" tall. Feet spread to 32".

Brass lens cap suspends from brass chain and fits easily over lens without threading. Eyepiece is removable for cleaning.

Full tensioning capabilities in tripod and telescope pivoting and panning. In a word extraordinary.