Vintage Wood Lobster Trap

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Vintage Wood Lobster Trap

The original monster fish trap lobster cage from the deep. Taken right out of the fishing industry for your special purpose.

These really are the neatest antiques. Well built for rough service. Notice the bark on one pictured when it was steamed and bent up under construction.

Also opens from the top with a wooden toggle latch and leather hinges. These are not being built out of wood any longer so we expect these to be depleted by year end 2017. If you are thinking about getting one, do it soon.

Large to ship, but there's nothing like the real thing for nautical decorating, special coastal theme projects. Great for unique tables. Popular as event card holders for large nautical parties too.

Every one is different so size varies slightly but typically around 32"L x 25"W x 15"H

Any shop owner could display ones of these!