8" Handmade Braided Manilla Bellrope

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8" Handmade Braided Manilla Bellrope

 Decorative and functional knotted bell pull rope comes complete with a working brass shackle for attachment to your bell clapper.

NOTE: Price is for the shorter of the two pictured.

Measures 8.25 inches long, then a little longer with the solid brass shackle included x 1-3/8" wide.

Adds the perfect finishing touch to your favorite bell.

A symbol of the pride taken by the crew, proper bell ropes are a compelling accompaniment to the ship's bell. Battleships and other notable vessels usually have the fanciest bell ropes, often the product of several hundred hours of labor by multiple expert knotters. The more details and embellishments, the more respect it engenders.

Perfect for anyone who doesn't yet have a proper sailor's bell-rope.