10" & 12" Large Brass Ship Wall Bell

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12 inch brass wall bell

With a 4-Step brass polishing process producing, a mega-yacht grade finished shine. Includes a triple laid rope lanyard attached to the clapper. 

These 10" and 12" wide bells meet U.S. Coast Guard Requirements for vessels under 20 meters in length. 

Comes with a heavy, solid brass, wall mount. Can be attached anywhere with a few fasteners (not included). Extremely well priced for these sized solid brass bells. Solid brass clappers are up to 10 inches long and 3 inches wide at the bell rope end. Mounting bracket hole that hanging rope runs through is 5/8 inch to 1 inch in diameter depending upon model.

Imagine the clarity and authority these command when rung!

10 Inch Solid Brass Bell: 
10-3/4 inches tall not including solid brass bracket with 1/4 inch thick walls. 
10-1/4 pounds not including mounting bracket. 

12 Inch Solild Brass Bell: 
11-5/16 inch bell: 
12-1/2 inches tall (a little taller including bracket), with 1/4 inch solid brass walls. 
21-1/4 pounds without bracket. 
These are "Cast" bells and highly polished.