3" Japanese Glass Floats with Stamped Marks

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3" Japanese Glass Floats with Stamped Marks

Rare Japanese /stamped / marked glass floats, and Japanese characters, on authentic Handmade Blown Glass.

Photos are representative of stamp markings however; many floats have different stamps than the ones in the photograph.

This listing is for the 3" glass float; some are covered in nets and some are not. Please specify in order which you prefer.

Fishing ball floats like these are taken from actual Japanese fish traps and have been cleaned, with exception of a final buffing, with a smooth cloth. They have no smell and ready to display.

Early floats, including most Japanese glass fishing floats, were handmade by a glassblower. Recycled glass, especially old sake bottles, was typically used and air bubbles in the glass are a result of the rapid recycling process. After being blown, floats were removed from the blowpipe and sealed with a "button" of melted glass before being placed in a cooling oven. While floats were still hot and soft, marks were often embossed on or near the sealing button to identify the float for trademark. These marks sometimes included 'kanji' symbols.