Nickel Finish Porthole Clock Wood Frame

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Nickel Finish Porthole Clock Wood Frame

Large Port hole Style Clock with Nickel finish, and wood frame is a quality addition to any nautical themed room.

Very classic design for that nautical feel. Clock opens easily, from front with functional hinge and two twist screws, to change single AA battery, or change battery by lifting clock off wall without opening front side. Featuring Roman numerals with 15-minute intervals and naval 24 hour markings also.

Porthole Clock Measurements:

Wood frame is detachable, comes with inset hanger hardware, and measures 12" across.

Solid brass, nickel coated, clock measures 10" across.

Exposed white face area is over 5" across so easy to read from across the room too.

Depth 4.5" at deepest latch measurement.

Mounts easily, and looks great with a dark toned wood finish, and has very solid, rounded, and polished hardware workings.