Antiqued Spirit Level Alidade Clinometer

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Antiqued Spirit Level Alidade Clinometer

Decorative compass gift assortment with a soothing antique look.

Has a glass top so you can see through to the innards.

This instrument set can also be used for rudimentary calculations and navigation.

The hardwood box is a very nice reproduction made to look weathered and worn. Measures 4.5"x4.5"x2"H, and has a locking clasp.

Outsite plaque reads T. Cooke & Sons London 1858
"Marine Master Box
It is very useful for Mariners. Also in Navigation Science containing the following six instruments."

1. Brass Compass to be used as sight compass (with lock system)
2. Telescope; open type, with quick setting arrangement
3. Brass Scale with Chart
4. Brass Spirit Level
5. Brass Alidade (sight vane) with coloured glass
6. Brass Boat Clinometer (with lock system)

You can't miss with this as a gift for the nautical executive or collector in home or office.