Brass Scout Pocket Compass

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Brass Metal Pocket Compass

Military Compass is Solid Brass so luminous that readings can be easily taken at night.

Using the Earth's magnetic field to align themselves, compasses have long been used as navigational tools. Whether hiking, at sea, or in combat, they are invaluable while exploring. The compass automatically locks when its arms are folded down which protects the dial and magnetism during transportation.

This stunning, functional, brass military style lensatic compass comes complete with a sighting wire, sighting slot and lens, and thumb loop. Compass dial is 3" in diameter x 1" thick and covered by brass lid. A perfect gift for that explorer in your life.

A small knob on the side freezes the compass card for taking a reading. A sighting arm folds out and readings are taken with a magnifier, which is on the sighting arm.

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