Antiqued 18" Mark V Deluxe NAVY Diving Helmet

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NDHBP-704 (AT) 18"
Antiqued 18" Mark V Deluxe NAVY Diving Helmet

Exquisitely detailed, full-size DELUXE CLASS reproduction, of an antiqued "MARK V" Deep Sea Divers Helmet.

Solid wooden display base as shown is an optional add-on.

This is the Admiral of them all and is also featured in this antiqued brass/brown finish. For more photos:

which is exactly the same helmet left unfinished but highly polished. Which is also a great option if you want to let it patina naturally.

Compare design and authenticity: heavy glass - grilled view ports (front one hinged and opening), external banana tube, air inlet elbow, spit cock, and t-nuts like the real thing.

A centerpiece for your home or collection. Front hatch hinged and opens.

Helmet Dimensions: 18" Tall x 15" Wide x 17-1/2" Deep.

-Height from the ground up to top: 18"

-Height from curved part up to top: 12"

-Circumference around head: 39" head only/no hardware.

-Diameter of the neck: 8.5" to 9.0"

-Length of base - left to right: 13" -Length of base - front to back: 16"

-Weight: Exact weight (helmet only) 32 lbs. confirmed.

The heavy cast brass ID plate on the front of the diving helmet reads: US Navy Diving Helmet Morse Diving Equipment Co., Inc. Boston, Massachusetts

Stunning. Excellent value; this same reproduction easily sells for $2,000.00, and up in retail environment.