Nautical Magnifying Glass And Wood Case

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Nautical Magnifying Glass And Wood Case

Beautiful 8-1/4 inch long x 3 inch diameter magnifier glass. Exquisitely set next to black velvet velour interior.

Includes one solid brass letter opener, of your choice, approximately 9" in length:

* Ship's Wheel letter opener
* Captain letter opener
* Anchor letter opener

Solid brass frame, surrounding 3x magnifyer, is lacquered to look good forever. Well balanced seeing glass snugly fits in customized, handsomely made wood box.

Measures (12 inches x 6 inches x 1-1/2 inches). 3/8" thick hardwood. Two sturdy hinges and two sturdy clasps. Also brass inlay anchor on top surface. A perfect display item or gift for the person who treasures all things nautical.