Signal Flag 40" x 13" Flag Number 1

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Nautical Signal Flags Sold Separately

Large detachable signal flags with toggled connectors. Normally sold as a set; now you can pick just the nautical flags you desire!

Pick from Numerals 0 to 9, 1 "Answer" flag, and 3 smaller "Repeaters".

Actual NUMBER 1 Flag Measurements: 40" wide by 13" tall.

With a fixed toggle spread of 16" of spacing, you are also able to connect whichever ones you purchase together to make a colorful display (think your house number or any combination).

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These are medium weight, high quality, nautical signal flags. These are hand sewn, double sided cotton. They would look great outlining a deck, hung over a party table, or decorating a house or restaurant.

Pennants attach together by rope and wooden toggles, included and sewn in.
Great decorators to "dressing ship" or festive occasions. Traditionally used as a form of maritime communication, signal flags are still a popular choice for today's decorating worlds.

NOTE: the flags photographed have been lightly ironed for best presentation. 

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