Miniature Brass Pullout Spyglass / Keychains

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Miniature Brass Pullout Spyglass / Keychains

Tiny, cute and great conversation piece. The smallest of small pullout spyglass that is a whopping 3.2" long when extended.
Collapses to 1.5" in length. Mini-spyglass is a great souvenir item and with a keychain or lanyard loop built in, this little fella can go anywhere.

The original design Galileo came up in 1609 is commonly called a Galilean telescope. It uses two lenses to produce magnified upright images.

Great for corporate "Vision" themed events or fun group projects.

There's a key ring built in, to attach anywhere you want your nautical prop.

Small retractable telescope spy glass has lenses but is for curio purposes only.

NOTE: order small numbers now, as in the near future these will become 3 as a minimum quantity.