Antiqued Brass Pullout Spyglass and Box

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Antiqued Brass Pullout Spyglass and Box
Solid Brass Spyglass in Handcrafted Box with Brass Hardware and Accents. New but looks antique.

Terrific 16x power, wrapped in leather, starts at 7" and expands to 17 inches long. Objective lens is 1.3 inches diameter.

This old-world-like telescope is approximately 2" wide, and weighs about 3 pounds including box. Solid wood box measures approximately 8-3/8" x 4" x 3" tall with a solid brass 2" anchor atop and all four corners with solid brass accents.

Interior of box is black felt contoured perfectly for the collapsed spyglass. You can't miss for nautical expression in home, office, or prop and decorating project.

Spyglasses as this were one of the essentials of seafaring life; introduced after Galileo's astronomical telescopes by the middle of the 18th century.