20" Antiqued Life Ring Buoys Preservers

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Antiqued Life Ring Buoys Preservers 20"

Antique looking 20" foam life preservers.

Both sides identical; excellent for customizing projects too.

Good movie set props. Rings, outside diameter are 20" diameter. Inside diameter hole is 11.25".

Construction is 4" wide x 3" thick flotation foam, with sewn on canvas covers, covered in a shallow roughened vinyl. Although it floats some weight, these are not USCG approved. Both sides look exactly the same.

Navy blue colored bands. Main body of rings are mottled tan/light brown, with navy specks makes it look nicely aged.

Get a Life Buoy for any space where water lovers gather; on your deck, in bars, restaurants, game rooms and vacation homes. To mount just hang rope over anything.