30" Nautical Life Ring Buoy Preserver

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30" Nautical Life Ring Buoy Preserver

Your choice of any color life ring; red, white OR blue trimmed. A Sharp 30 Inch Diameter Life Preserver.

The ring itself is 30" across and interior diameter of ring measures 17 inches across, and 6-1/2 inches wide flotation foam.

This is a giant sized ring; the measurement doesn't even include the additional diameter the white bolt rope adds, which reinforces it’s authentic look and is easy for hanging in any room or restaurant. The white boltrope surrounding the ring buoy used to be a relaxed one in the old days but they are arriving with the stiff rope now that holds it's shape when hung on the wall as pictured in the individual photos.

Get a Life Buoy for any space where water lovers gather; on your deck, in bars, restaurants, game rooms and vacation homes.
Not Coast Guard approved for Personal Floatation Device.
INTERNATIONAL NOTE: Sorry, these are too large to ship anywhere other than the continental lower 48 USA states unless you are using a freight forwarder.