Nautical 15" Cargo Touch Lamp Lantern

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Brass 15 Inch Cargo Lamp Lantern For Sale

Old World Ship's Cargo Lantern: Touch the brass and this light goes on in 3 Different Levels of Brightness.

This lamp exudes 3 level touch lamp just plugs right in and sets a nice historic ships deck, gather-round ambience.

Well-built from solid materials: brass housing and hardware and even an historic looking brass plate that reads: "Cargo Light No. 3954 Great Britain 1939" Although this looks old, it is a reproduction piece measuring 15" tall x 8" square.

Comes packaged very well with one bulb included.
A great gift or nautical mood enhancer onboard, in the bar, game room or bedroom.

For replacement bulb reference: any standard base bulb, of any wattage up to 60w, of any color or shape.