17" Ships Porthole Mirror White Washed

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17" Ships Porthole Mirror White Washed

The 17 inch Wooden Ship's Port Hole is made of a rough, soft, grainy wood painted white with lots of cracks, dents, and other imperfections to be made to look weathered and worn. This model porthole is decorative only and does not open.

Want a unique color? Get these white ones and paint them the perfect color to accent your decor!

Actual reflective mirror portion measures almost 12 inch across (diameter). Nice large mirror: great for so many different decoration ideas.

Small metal hangar mounted on top back side for hanging easily.

Measures about 1-1/2 inches thick around and thicker at porthole clasps.

Packaged bulky and well to make the trip safely.

Great on your deck, in restaurants, game rooms, cabins, beach homes, pool side or any space where water lovers gather. Lovely as a gift too.