Round Nautical Rope Bumpers Fenders

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Round Nautical Rope Bumpers Fenders

We carry two styles of rope fenders: these are the Round type and very good in nautical decorating ensembles.

Available in these diameter sizes: 8"(Small weighs 1.5 lbs., and a little more barrel shaped as pictured),

10" (Med), and

20" (Lrg).

Hand woven with natural fiber rope, then stuffed and sealed. Originally designed to prevent a vessel from being damaged, while docked, these are replicas of ones used in the old days before our modern rubber bumpers.

These spherically shaped bumpers are intended for decor only.

A perfect accent; also fun gifts for anyone that decorates with old boats and the sea in mind.

Three sizes below. Hangs easily by one rope handle on top.