Straight Nautical Rope Bumpers / Fenders

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Straight Nautical Rope Bumpers / Fenders

These rope fenders / bumpers are intended for decor only, although they are made well enough to be fully functional.

Rope fenders / bumpers are hand woven with natural fiber and then stuffed and sealed; replicating the ones they used in the old days before our modern rubber bumpers. Originally used to prevent a ship or boat from being damaged, while docked.

This would also make a fun gift for someone that decorates with old boats and the sea in mind.

The smaller fender measures: 12 inches long x 5 inches wide/diameter.
Medium size is 20" long x 6" diameter and
Large size is 40" long (28 lbs.) x 14" diameter.

Hangs easily by the rope handles (one on either end), can be set on a shelf too.