60" Large Boat Wood Ships Helm Wheel

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NDHSW102 60"
60" Large Boat Wood Ships Helm Wheel

This Nautical Ships Wheel is larger than normal; at 60 inches in diameter.

This size ship's wheel is substantial and eye catching. Made from all genuine materials: solid SE Asian hardwood, Schima Argentea, and same wooden plugs over all fastenings. A gorgeous wood finish.

Wheel measures 60" across: end of one peg to the other; solid and heavy at over 40 lbs. Wood circular frame is 2-1/2" at thickest sections. Brass center hub piece is solid brass measuring 7" in diameter, almost 2" thick and 3-1/2" tall. Shaft opening is 1" diameter.

Contact seller prior to ordering for use as working ships helm. While new, there are inherent variations in wood grains & tones from wheel pictured. Big and spectacular.

Sorry this item is too large for International shipment, Alaska, Hawaii or U.S. territories customers.