38" Brass Decorators Floor Telescope

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38" Brass Decorators Floor Telescope

Looks Antique. Comes well packaged, lacquered and ready to use or display. Beautiful detail.

This terrific, old-world telescope barrel measures 38" long. End lens is 2" diameter and brass lens cap suspends from chain and fits easily over lens without threading. With excellent 25x power viewing quality, it's an extremely attractive functioning decor piece for home, office, 2nd home or wherever. Eyepiece is removable for cleaning.

SPOTTER SCOPE: It's easy to find objects using the top mounted 10x viewing power spotter scope which is approximately 12" long and has an end lens 1" diameter.

The solid wood tripod stand is a classic extension design rising from 36" to 64" (5 feet plus) tall fully extended! Base legs are 26" apart when at highest position. Full tension capabilities in tripod and telescope pivoting and panning. In a word; extraordinary. What a gift!