Leather Covered Monocular on Tripod

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Leather Covered Monocular on Tripod

Historical Replica, Monocular on Tripod. From the age of the Dreadnought man-of-war and the Battlements of the British Imperial Army Headquarters.

A 'must have' piece of equipment: far-reach telescopes were rare and expensive, available only to the captains of the fleet and highly ranked officers of the general staff.

Monocular on Tripod Base Details

  • Very detailed replica of an original monocular
  • Complicated prismatic lens
  • Features 35x magnification
  • Made of solid brass and nickle plated brass
  • Cradle, neck and crank are all made of brass
  • Monocular covered in hand sewn leather to help protect the instrument from daily wear & tear
  • Stand is made of stainless steel, mostly covered in leather with exposed brass parts
  • Minimum Height 60.50 inches to Maximum Height of 67.00 to 68.00 inches and 37.75" at base
  • Weight 32 lbs.