6" Brass USN/Titanic/Queen Mary Bell

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Shiny brass bells, no engraving, for sale

 Four different bells offered here all in polished solid brass. Choose your favorite.

1) Standard 6" polished brass bell.

2) U.S.N. engraved

3) Queen Mary 1934 engraved

4) Titanic engraved

Each bell ordered includes both the bellrope attached.

Brass bells are great for mounting to almost any vertical surface; and calling the troups in, or announcing that tip, or sale at the office or pub, retirement, and giving away to members of your command.

Actual bell measurements:

The width measures 6" across. Bell is 6" tall. Brass is 5/32" thick. Solid brass bracket included.

Excellent price for this size solid brass bell. Nice and loud when rung! Great gift.