8" Big Brass Nautical Wall Bell

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NDH-HW1011 8"
8" Big Brass Nautical Wall Bell

With a 4 step brass polishing process that produces a yacht grad finished shine! Brass bells are great for mounting to almost any vertical surface and calling the troups in or announcing that tip or sale at the office or pub. Meets US Coast Guard, ABYC and NMMA requirements: minimum of 200 mm bell mouth opening and bell striker mass no less than 3% of the mass of the bell. 

This is a large heavy bell; with the base of the bell width measuring 8" across. Bell is 9-1/2" tall not including solid brass bracket. Brass is 5/32" thick throughout. Excellent price for this size solid brass bell. Nice and loud when rung; not for the feint of heart! Great gift. Includes a rope lanyard attached to the solid brass clapper.