8" Big Brass Nautical Hanging Bell

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NDH-H8450 8"
8" Brass Hanging Bell

Deluxe Grade: Solid brass hanging bell with a Deluxe grade 4-step brass polishing process, produces a yacht grade finished shine.

Meets US Coast Guard, ABYC and NMMA requirements: minimum of 200 mm bell mouth opening and bell striker mass no less than 3% of the mass of the bell. Great for hanging up and calling the troops in. Popular as a bell to ring in the sales office also. Comes with a durable rope loop to use in hanging your bell and includes a rope lanyard attached to the solid brass clapper. Excellent price for it's large size, weight and outstanding tone.

Brass Hanging Bell Measurements:

Width: 8 inches across.

Height: 9-1/2 inches, has a 5/8 inch diameter hanging rope hole and weighs over 8 lbs.

Brass is 5/32 inches thick solid polished brass throughout.

Beautiful tone and a wonderful gift.